Fiona reveals her life secrets in ‘Nze Njagala Mukama audio hit’

Fiona reveals her life secrets in ‘Nze Njagala Mukama audio hit’

London based Ugandan songstress Fiona Wamala, daughter of the late Elly Wamala has released a mega gospel hit song where she preaches about the goodness of the most high and how amazing Jesus Christ has been to her. The new hit song already playing on Uganda airwaves is dubbed “Nze Njagala Mukama’.

In the song, she goes ahead to confirm her faith in the lord no matter what the world talks bad about the almighty. She pledges to continue closing her ears to the negative vibe about God and only serve him. He knows her God never fails.

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A couple of Ugandan gospel musicians have released gospel songs in recent years and publicly acclaimed their love and devotion for the gospel and righteousness.With Fiona, she attaches her life in London only to God.

Fiona Wamala has been around for long. She is the queen of gospel music. However in the early 20s , her music career halted a bit until recently when she announced a big music comeback.

Based in London, this time round, she seems the most dedicated to her cause which she earlier revealed was a call manifested in her own life when she faced tough times in her life. She has been through a lot especially in her private life as her battles with her ex father of her children has tormented her. He has for long refused to set sight of their children. The fight almost made her doubt God’s favour but she still never gave up.

She has dropped a couple of gospel songs before and she continues to preach the gospel and sings about how Jesus is the most high and what an amazing thing it is to trust and worship Him.

“Nze njagala Mukama” when translated means “Love for God”  Mukama is a title given to the almighty God and is a word usually used to show supremacy. She wrote the song herself. It has been produced with the help of Ken Lubwama and Henry Kiwuwa.

Well, before the end of 2020 we shall witness the comeback of the mother gospel music to the studio. Fiona Wamala is one of the top female music legends in Ugandan music with a couple of awards and several hit songs.

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