Everything you need to know about Ugandan Tiktoker, Mikey Seems 2 Funny

Everything you need to know about Ugandan Tiktoker, Mikey Seems 2 Funny

When did you get to know about TikTok?

About three months ago. I used to see a friend laughing a lot while watching videos on an app that I later got to know is called TikTok.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

As an online content creator, he told me that unlike Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, I could also use TikTok to post my content. It was then that I opened the account Mickeyseems2funny.

Why Mickeyseems2funny?

When I started doing online comedy skits, however much many people liked them, I didn’t believe that I was that funny; I [was convinced] I just seemed too funny, but no one had given me the courage to tell myself that I was funny.

When did you start doing comedy?

To start with, I am an employee of Fenon Events and I am the LED screen specialist. So, whenever we were in the field working, I would see my colleagues, including my boss Mr Steve Jean Sserunkuma, laughing loud at my jokes, even when I said what was not meant to be funny.
Fenon being an events company, many artistes would frequent the place and also find themselves laughing at my jokes.

I remember celebrities such as Levixone, Karole Kasita, APass telling me to contact Alex Muhangi and try out the stage at Comedy Store. I instead felt like I wasn’t meant for stage but, rather, online.
Why did you feel not fit for the stage?
As a newcomer, I didn’t want to compete for the stage with other active comedians and felt like online wasn’t tapped.
Whose idea was it that you go online?
I was inspired by some comedians in African countries, who have mastered the art of online content creation and I decided to follow their lead. I was inspired by people like Mr Funny, Nasy Blaq, Sydney Talker, all from Nigeria. They have their content on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok…
And now you are ‘the TikTok king’ in Uganda!
[Actually,] before, I was putting content mostly on YouTube. I started posting on TikTok and realised the numbers were growing at lightning speed. The first clip got me 100,000 views, yet I didn’t have many followers and as we talk, the numbers have gone up to 1.4m total likes, 125.5k followers and I only follow 38 TikTok users.

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