Enjoy the best of East African film from the comfort of your couch, with Maisha Magic Movies’ 55 authentic fresh films

Enjoy the best of East African film from the comfort of your couch, with Maisha Magic Movies’ 55 authentic fresh films

Nairobi: Young lovers who find out their parents are secretly dating. A father plotting to kidnap his own son. A scammer who stumbles into some highly confidential information that puts his life in danger. That’s only a glimpse of what Maisha Magic Movies has in store when the channel’s East African film festival kicks off on 15 October, ending on 21 December.

The 21 Ugandan films commissioned by Maisha Magic Movies are among the channel’s 55 new titles added to 44 already commissioned: 21 from Kenya and 17 from Tanzania. The movies will air every Wednesday and Saturday from 15h00, bringing two fresh and exclusive films to the channel each week.

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Channel head at Maisha Magic Movies, Barbara Kambogi, says: “We are exceptionally proud of how much the channel has evolved within a short space of time, and that’s because everyone involved – from the talent we work with to MultiChoice – is committed to ensuring that Maisha Magic Movies lives up to its promise to be the home of best East African film.

“This continued commitment has also seen us launch more of the best of East African original movies, and we’re glad to announce that we have a blockbuster final quarter of the year lined up for our loyal viewers, whose tastes are varied and always catered to. We will continue to support the East African region by bolstering industry growth, empowering creatives and providing employment,” she concludes.

The brand-new films to look forward to in October are: Still Okay to Date: Two young lovers find themselves in an awkward situation when they realise that their single parents have been secretly dating and are about to get married to each other. Directed by Mathew Valerian and starring Issa Mbura, Tunu Mbegu, and Catherine Michael.

(Romance, Tanzania) Wrong Number: A Close Call: A young man pretends to be the intended recipient of a very confidential call. Everything hits the fan when he realises that he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Directed by David Waronja and starring Jackie Waime, Lenny Kamau, and Raphael Karekei. (Crime Comedy, Kenya)Dial M for Maya: Paul, a successful young businessman, has just beaten a court case, when he meets Maya, a woman he becomes infatuated with.

But when the past resurfaces, is everyone who they seem? Directed by Matilda Kavuma and Matthew Kavuma, and starring Zion Kente, Matthew Kavuma, Karolyn Kash. (Thriller, Uganda) Gamble of the Kid: Attempting to feel adequate as a man, a successful father plans to kidnap his own son, and must confront strong forces and circumstances trying to get him.

Directed by Ngumi Wangombe, and starring Zazira Kariuki, Bilal Wanjau, and Brian Njoroge. (Family Drama, Kenya)Malaika: In a kingdom where twins are taboo, the queen gives birth to fraternal twins and the King refuses to kill them. Drought covers the entire land for 10 years as a punishment from the gods.

Will the people overcome this? Directed by Said Yusuph and starring Happiness Majige, Hussein Balo, and Abdul Kingo. (Fantasy Drama, Tanzania)There is plenty to feast on, exclusively on Maisha Magic Movies (DStv Channel 141, GOtv Value Channel 15 and 311 in Kenya and Uganda respectively) Visit www.maishamagicmovies.dstv.com for the film festival’s full schedule and premiere information, as well as to stay up to date with what the channel has in store. The year is closing on an entertaining note, thanks to the home of East African Movies!

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