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Dorothy Shonga unleashes Optical Photography Challenge

Entrepreneur and socialite Dorothy Shonga has introduced Optical Photography Challenge where she is willing to have 5 women go to Optical Photography and the offer includes wardrobe, hair and makeup.

“Lets see if everyone will look the same. Lets see if everyone will have the same features. We have to stop bodyshaming women and attacking women because of clothing or makeup. If you want to join the challenge raise your, get in touch with me. I will pick the first 5 women,” Dorothy Shonga posted.

This challenge is to prove that all women are beautiful in any shape or size, beauty is confidence. Beauty is how you feel about yourself.

Reinvention is a mind thing. When you change your thinking your outlook on life changes as well. When you are positive on the inside it shows on the outside. Can we change?

“Also if plastic surgery makes people beautiful then everyone would be beautiful. Who watches the TV show Botched? Everyone is different and that is acceptable. Plastic surgery or not, you either got it or you don’t. Money doesn’t buy beauty. There are people with billions of dollars out there, why isn’t money changing their looks?

It’s a proven fact that hospitals have failed to create human life. God is the only provider here. Allow people to celebrate what they have been blessed with without throwing stones. Cheers to you,” Dorothy posted.

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