Don Andre Takes His Monthly Comedy Show To Wombo Restaurant

Don Andre Takes His Monthly Comedy Show To Wombo Restaurant

Comedian Don Andre, real names Andrew Odongo has found home a baby just like other comedians. Like Fun Factory is to National Theatre, Alex Muhangi is to UMA, Timothy Nyanzi is to Bistro and finally Don Andre is to Funny Bunny.

Funny Bunny is comedian Don Andre’s comedy platform that was launched last evening at Wombo restaurant in Kampala behind Central Police Station (CPS). The platform will see different comedians perform at the venue at the end of every month and the comedian is hoping for the best after having a successful first edition.

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His lineup was made of up and coming comedians with the first of the evening after singer Andereya Baguma was known as Conrad. Conrad, a young and budding comedian took to the stage to crack some of his jokes before another comedian to come on stage. Andre who was the host of the show also cracked some jokes before sending in another comedian.

He introduced another young comedian Elvis Faki before Timothy Nyanzi came on to the stage. Nyanzi is a comedians who spends less time on the stage but much time off stage nurturing young comedians for the main stage. For Don Andre, he came through and kept the crowd on their feet with some of his unique jokes.

Dr Hilary Okello as usual doesn’t disappoint and when he appeared on Funny Bunny’s first poster, everyone was overheard saying that the lineup was complete. Indeed it was complete because once he gets on stage, he never leaves you the same and that’s exactly what he did at Andre’s debut show.

Ann Kansiime came on as a surprise act of the night and as someone who likes to support young talent, she applauded Don Andre for the great stride in his comedy career and shortly after she performed, legendary comedian Daniel Omara closed the show at around 10pm.

According to Andre, a new date will be communicated for the next show together with the lineup that he already said will include Emma Napoleone, Agnes Akite and Sundiata among other comedians.

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