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Black Market Records signs new singers ‘The Sailors’

American record label ‘Black Market Records has signed the famous Kenyan music group ‘Sailors’. 
The Sailors is a group of five which was founded in 2017 and started as a trio consisting of three people Peter Mwagi (Miracle Baby), David Igogo (Qoqos Juma), and Alexander Ikuro(Lexxy Yung) singing a style called Dabonge.
In December of that year, Paul Koigi (Shalkido) and Dennis Njoroge (Masilver) joined the group.
Pulled together by the love of music, comedy and acting, they decided to name themselves Sailors.
Their smash single ‘Wamlambez‘ has become a national anthem allover Africa. ‘Wamlambez’ Challenge has captured global attention.
Since launching music in April 2019, the group has to date amassed over 5 million views on their three singles Wamlambez, Pekejeng & Queen B Machine.
The Sailors proves to the world that the sky is the limit after getting signed to the legendary record label ‘Black Market Records’ that has released their new video ‘Weekendy’ and is now on their YouTube.
They are the latest singers to join the music label which has put its efforts on promoting African singers.
Check ‘Weekendy’ on YouTube through this link https://youtu.be/tW88c2NSVmE

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