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Top African superstars coming to Uganda for Black Wall Street work

Denzel Shantel- August 13, 2021

Uganda is set to become a huge destination for art and culture soon with an expected influx of top Nollywood and other African stars, thanks ... Read More

“No one will be left behind in new Economy”- BWS’ Ronald Simms

Denzel Shantel- July 13, 2021

Once it was a dream that African Americans will return to Africa not as a tourist visitation as we have seen in Ghana and Tanzania ... Read More

BWS TV with App available for download, 27 other Development Channel Satellite Stations named & Residence in final Stages

Denzel Shantel- June 29, 2021

The Black Wall Street (BWS) Television with an App is now available for download on GooglePlay and user are set to earn millions of dollars ... Read More

Opportunities: BWS recruiting actors & actresses

Denzel Shantel- November 13, 2020

Black Wall Street (BWS) is set to recruit upcoming and experienced commercial models, actresses and actors. They are wanted to feature in a series of ... Read More

How Black Wall Street Economic War is planning to empower Africans economically

Denzel Shantel- October 19, 2020

As Black Wall Street (BWS) Economic War rages on, you have a chance to earn millions weekly. If you have lifetime upap, the proceeds that ... Read More

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