Zex Bilangilangi shuts down UG Village at Nyege Nyege

Zex Bilangilangi shuts down UG Village at Nyege Nyege

Performing for the first time at the Nyege Nyege Festival, ragga and dancehall artist Zex Bilangilangi made quite the impression when he held the stage with an iconic display of talent and pure energy at the Uganda Waragi Village.

Coming in on the third day of the festival – Saturday the 18th – Bilangilangi dictated the crowd’s energy with powerful performances of his latest Amapiano-inspired ‘Number Emu’ alongside Ratata, Nalinda, Magazine, and more.

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A guest writes on the Wall of Expression at the UG Village

His energy made several of the attendees that were seated in the different lounges within the UG Village abandon their places of comfort and join those on their feet close to the stage.

The UG Village was modelled to resemble a small village and featured lounges like “Kampala A”, “Kampala B”, “Coconut Village” and the “Pineapple Village”.

Also located within the village were several group games like Jenga, Cornhole, Omweso, Duulu and arm wrestling, and for drinks, several bars with skilled mixologists served customized cocktails like “A’nada Banger” and “Itanda Warez”.

An attendee receives their cocktail from one of the mixologists at the UG Village

While speaking about the experience, Hillary Baguma, UBL’s Brand Manager for Mainstream Spirits, said, “We designed the UG Village to mimic a small village with different huts and a central quadrangle where different groups of people can come together and enjoy our shared and authentic Ugandan experiences. This is the spirit that unites us as Ugandans, and we wanted to share it with all those that come from all over the world to experience Nyege Nyege.”

An attendee orders a cocktail from one of the cocktail bars at the UG Village

In line with this ethos, the comedic duo Madrat and Chiko provided additional entertainment while a lineup of DJs like Ali Breezy, Alza, Beekay, Melvin, Emma and others were also on the ground to entertain the guests.

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