Zari’s Brother Hassan Fathered Troubled Mastula Mutaasa’s Son

Marriage troubled Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter Mastula Nassali Mutaasa has revealed that his one year old son was fathered by Karim Hassan, the younger brother of socialite Zari Hassan. Nassali confirmed on her facebook page that the father of her kid is Karim aka Ting Dis ruling out another suspected father in form of an ageing city tycoon.

Mustala Mutaasa confirmed on her Facebook wall that the son she has belongs to Karim Hassan, Zari's younger brother

Mastula Mutaasa confirmed on her Facebook wall that the son she has belongs to Karim Hassan, Zari’s younger brother

Karim, his son and Mustala Mutaasa

Karim, his son and Mustala Mutaasa

Mastula Mutaasa celebriting son's first birthdayMastula Mutaasa celebriting son’s first birthday

 Her Marriage Troubles

This comes weeks after Nassali has had troubles in her marriage with husband Hajji Fahad Lugobi. The two married earlier this year but barely two weeks into the marriage, hell broke out. Fahad has accused his wife of attempting to kill him. In February it was reported that; It’s only a fortnight ago when Haji Fahad Lugobe, a resident of Bunamwaya-Kikumbi Zone, wedded city tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero‘s daughter, in an undoubtedly colourful ceremony attended by high profile figures.Mastula Mutaasa has had a troubled marriage Mastula Mutaasa has had a troubled marriage

On his way to the police, Lugobe briefed the residents who came to his rescue that his wife wanted to finish him off.

“Please go and arrest that woman, she wants to kill me,” Logobe pleaded at a police station.

Lugobe explained that his wife Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa came back home late at around 11pm and he deliberately refused to open for her because he had warned her a day before against coming back home late.

“We had agreed that I shouldn’t arrive home before her,” he said

He said: “I narrowly survived, Mastulah knocked down the perimeter wall to force her way inside, so when I confronted her, she got hold of a metallic object and broke the wind screen of my car, a Mark II (UAR 258T).”

“In retaliation, I also got hold of an object to hit her car but she jump into it very fast. She started it and tried to run over me. I am still alive because I jumped, otherwise I would be dead by now.” Lugobe said.

He also claimed that he found alcohol in her car.

When the police arrived at their residence, Mastulah had vanished but they found two bottles of alcohol in her car.

A malicious damage of property case was opened against Nassali under file number SD REF 15/05/02/2015.

When contacted about the matter, Haji Mutaasa Kafeero said he was preparing to meet the couple to resolve the matter.

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