Zamarad Twaha’s inspiring tip of the day

Zamarad Twaha’s inspiring tip of the day

Air hostess and motivational speaker Zamarad Twaha continue to pass words of wisdom to many on social media by sharing some encouraging words.

Today she posted another inspiring tip to those of her followers. While posting on her social media pages, there is need for people to get rid of arrogance from their hearts.

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“Get rid of arrogance from your heart. Don’t ever feel the need to look down on someone; not for anything that the Almighty has given you be it your wealth, power, good looks extra. Remember His Might and Power and how He can take away your blessings in seconds. Always have your feet firmly planted on the ground and stay humble. Don’t look down on others, no matter how less well-off they appear. Remember, the one you look down on today might be the person you have to look up to tomorrow. Such is life,” Zamarad Twaha posted.

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