You’ve heard about the G-spot but what about the A-spot? The unique ways women are able to orgasm revealed – and the tips to help her get there

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What makes a woman orgasm is as diverse as how they enjoy their morning coffee before work – it’s highly personal.

And while a number of ladies will experience their most pleasurable peak through clitoral stimulation, there are a number of unique ways to get there.

You may have heard of the G-spot, the allusive area at the front of the vagina which, when aroused, can greatly enhance your orgasm, but other places can be reached for that all-important O.

The A-spot, or anterior fornix, is an erogenous zone between the cervix and the bladder.

While there is some debate over whether women are reaching an orgasm in this area or whether it’s just the cervix, sex counsellor Ava Cadell believes the ‘patch of sensitive tissue lubricates when stimulated.’

It’s also possible to orgasm from the urethra because the area is wrapped around the clitoris, Mamamia reported.

But sex and relationship therapist Cyndi Darnell told Daily Mail Australia it’s imperative women not think there is one way of ‘coming.’

Women should orgasm a minimum of three times a week

‘It’s a ridiculous premise. It’s like saying there are only five different ways to drink a glass of water,’ she said.

‘Orgasm occurs first and foremost in the brain and then in the mind separately. So while you can be hitting all the right area physiologically, if you’re not paying attention to the context in which the sex is happening it can make orgasm unlikely.’

Tips to help you reach orgasm

Get rid of expectations

Think about something sexual before the main event

Eliminate distractions

Explore multimedia options like books and films

Try out a vibrator

Source: Cosmopolitan

Cyndi argues that if a woman feels pressure or is tense she won’t reach ‘erotic satisfaction’ no matter where you’re touching her.

‘Even though there are many “spots” that promote orgasm, by and large it’ll happen through clitoral stimulation. There is a common misconception that penis penetration can get her there but for the vast majority this is just not the case,’ she continued.

‘It’s like a testicle massage. Men don’t orgasm from that and women know that.’

Similarly, some women are able to orgasm from kissing and nipple action alone, others can’t.

‘The problem with sex education, and why it’s so abysmal, is that there is too much focus on reproduction and not enough on pleasure. Most people aren’t having sex purely to reproduce,’ Cyndi said.

‘We need to understand how our bodies work beyond just “making babies” and find what works for each individual.’


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