Youth saviour Bryan White heads to Mbarara

Youth saviour Bryan White heads to Mbarara

Bryan White, the activist whose aim is to eradicate poverty and unemployment from the youths heads to Mbarara this weekend. He is set to launch his ‘Bryan White Foundation’ officially at Kakyeeka Stadium on Saturday 10th March.

The ‘Awakening The Youths From Poverty’ campaigner said after the mega launch on Saturday, the foundation will traverse the whole country to preach to the youth on how they can sustain their lives without involving themselves in evil activities.

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Bryan will deliver a key message concerning fight against poverty to the youths so as to instill hope and love for the country and what they do in them.

White has already showed that he is the man to save Ugandan youths from abject poverty.

He recently mobilised hundreds of youths who have been engaging in evil acts within and around Kampala. He started funding several projects stated by the rehabilitated youths.

Some of the youths have been in the city’s criminal gangs and their job was to steal items and property of their fellow Ugandans. They returned some of the stolen items like phones, music systems, clothes, shoes, drugs like marijuana and condoms they have been using.

He said he won’t look back and promised to reform all the youths around the country. “This is my own plan and I am not working for any one or working to impress any, I want to fight for the youths. I want them to have a better life and secure their future, I have been there before so I know what it takes. I will handle them at whatever cost,” Bryan White said.

Bryan White during one of his allies preaching to the youths on measures to fight against poverty at Auto Spa Munyonyo last week

Bryan White together with his team will visit Orphanage homes, hospitals and schools and will donate several items through Bryan White Foundation.

Bryan White’s work has been likened to that of the late Mother Teresa who had all her heart out there to help the needy people.

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