Youth edutainment TV series ‘Chicken & Chips’ returns to NTV for Season 2

Youth edutainment TV series ‘Chicken & Chips’ returns to NTV for Season 2

Chicken and Chips is set to premiere its 15-episode new season on NTV on 11th February 2018. The youth edutainment series focuses on relationships and combines music, journalism, and Africa’s first puppet reality show to create a fresh blend of purely Ugandan edutainment, all served on one plate.

Hosted by a charming puppet, Kiki Love (voiced by Ugandan Fun Factory comedian and KFM presenter Tindi), Chicken and Chips brings a new take on timeless topics affecting our daily lives, addresses stereotypes and breaks taboos. Sometimes it takes a puppet to say what people won’t!

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Season One introduced a collection of compelling segments, and even added even more in Season Two, including:

Katwe Corner: Recordings of unscripted and uncensored live discussions about love, sex, relationship problems and every day issues are brought to life with puppets!

Popcorn Video: Trivia, humour and useful factoids ‘pop up’ in your favourite Ugandan hit videos. Expect videos from Ugandan artists like Irene Ntale,Rena, Bobi Wine and Navio.

Talk of the Town: Ugandans in the streets answerthought-provoking personal questions, revealing their love life secrets and inspiring laughs.

Social Experiment:

A new segment in Season Two, Chicken and Chips employs hidden cameras to observe and comment on how ordinary people behave when they are confronted with dilemmas or unusual situations that require them to reveal their attitudes and make tough choices.

Chicken and Chips is made in Uganda, with some segments shot in and Tanzania and puppets created by Muppet Show veteran puppeteers in New York. It is truly a one of a kind blend of laughs and food for thought, created for young Ugandans to reflect, engage and enjoy.

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