You Have Alot To Learn – Bebe Cool Tells Bobi Wine, Chameleone

You Have Alot To Learn – Bebe Cool Tells Bobi Wine, Chameleone

Self styled big size singer Bebe Cool has told his rivals Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone that they still have a lot to learn from him.Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

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He therefore advised them to get tables at his August 8th show at Serena as stock lasts to be able to learn as he performs. This will come as a familiarity from Bebe Cool to his nemesis and their fans have branded Bebe Cool disrespectful. Bebe Cool revealed on his social media pages and below is what he posted and referred the two to neighbours A and B.Bobi WineBobi WineJose ChameleoneJose Chameleone

Bebe Cool; My neighbor A n B,it is at this point that I warn you that u should book your tables now for the 8th AUG BBC-888 coz the way things r going,it would be unfair if I don’t warn u that the tables r getting finished yet on that day,there is a lot for u to learn when it comes to singing/ performing and am opening a new page/chapter.I know one of the two is not SERENA material but it’s good for u to learn from the BEST.Thanks to KFM,CLUB BEER,PEPSI,SMS ONE,CHANNO 8,KIBO MEDIA N GAGAMEL INTERNATIONAL LTD.


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