Wyclef Jean Spices Up Kenya

Wyclef Jean makes his day in Nairobi with a Kenyan Designed t-shirt. Opipi who is also a content developer with Mtech had a chance to meet personally with Wyclef n presented the gift to Jim with the help of Spark Africa. Opipi is actually one of the best music publicist in Kenya who supports local artists and also big celebs.Opipi handing over a T-shirt to Wyclef Jean

Opipi handing over a T-shirt to Wyclef Jean

“Wyclef is a great person and he assured me that we would work much more together in future. He also liked the present since its unique.”Opipi Saïd.

On the other hand, Wyclef thanked Opipi for his designs and promise to support his artists that he work with and any of his future works.

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