Woman By Juliana Kanyomozi

Woman By Juliana Kanyomozi

Uganda needed this! Juliana is back with a beautiful musical twist, which her diva status has easily dissolved into without any refusal. Life handed her lemons but the WOMAN that she is, she made lemonade. Many quietly to themselves thought that her circumstances in the near past would affect her music negatively, but it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.Juliana Kanyomozi

WOMAN is a lovely piece of music meant to empower women. It carries a strong message about the strength if a woman. She refers to a WOMAN as a warrior due to all the struggles they go through. Coming from Juliana, I believe many women will be inspired by this because, believe it or not, she is a symbol of strength to most Ugandan women. Not forgetting many more in the Diaspora.

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She has managed to cut through to all the age groups of with her music and the way she carries herself. Despite a few setbacks for example her wrong choices of a romantic right partner, she has managed to come out victor. Her charismatic self always finds a way of bringing her out on top.

The ‘WOMAN’ video gives a lot more meaning to the audio. In the video, she shows women from all walks of life; from politicians to farmers and vendors, name it. She equates all their struggles in life by use of the word WOMAN.

I must talk a little in depth about her new trend of music. As I said before, it suits her. Juliana has always been a diva. It’s not something she forcefully demands for but she earned it from the start. She has given the world very deep music. Most artists both upcoming and established have her on their list of favourite musicians.

Her recent collabo with The Ganda Boys was when we heard her new sound. She has started making music that could sell to a wide range of audiences since it is in English. WOMAN has a very detailed instrumental. This song is clearly here to stay fir long. This is music that can be equated to The Late Whitney Huston’s, Celine Dion, etc. It curves out her vocal ability perfectly and plays with our emotions (as always).

Well I could talk over and over about this piece but I can only do as much as write. The rest is up to you. If you sit down and listen, then love it; go ahead to share like I’m doing. It’s the only way to grow our music.

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