Why you should never date married men, Efrance tells fellow girls

Why you should never date married men, Efrance tells fellow girls

City commercial model Efrance Nakitto has called on fellow girls to desist from dating married men to avoid wasting time. She posted this on her social media.

Dear Ladies;BEFORE U DATE A MARRIED MAN you should  know this:

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1.The only thing he wants 4rm u is sex,after cumming he will have to go.He will only sweet talk u when he is horny again!
2He can spend the day with u touring btful places by at the end of the day he will go back to his wife and kids at home!
3:He is never going to leave his wife bcoz of u,he will be fooling u with words like I will marry u,I will buy you cars and many other lies just to keep u around!
4:Keep it in mind that yo not the only one he is sleeping with besides his wife, if he can cheat on his wife with u, why not cheat on u too with another babe??
5:He really loves his wife that’s why he married her, he can’t divorce his wife, he can’t marry u.You are just a side dish to take off his stress!!!!!!
6:After some time he will dump u after using you he will find another gal!He won’t fulfill any promise all that he says jst to soften your heart to give him what he wants at the time he wants it!

And last is ;;EVEN if you do him monkey style in bed or whatsoever best u can offer ,YOU will never be part of his future SO TOP wasting your precious time and energy on him, Cease serving your Sweet body to him!!
Get out of that sexual network darling, you are being used!!!

Give God time,Trust me God created a special partner for each and every creature He Molded,Leave another woman’s man, relax Yours is also coming someone who will love u for who u are, someone who will respect you, adore u and appreciate you! Know how precious you are..And offer it to the person worth it?? Nyc lunch lovelies!!#IamEffieSelfworth


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