Why Spark TV’s presenter Zahara was fired from Club Play

The reason as to why Socialite and Television personality Zahara Totto was fired from Club has surfaced. Toto lost her job as Public Relations Officer (PRO) at the industrial based nightspot because of misconduct.

Zahara was reportedly fired last week for failing to do her work as the PRO at the club and resorted to ‘romancing’ with one of the top managers only identified as Ali.


Apparently, Ali had his fun and got over her.  She then reportedly started fighting with her female co-workers over the said boss. She was consequently kicked out for misconducting at her work place.

Zahara presents “LiveWire” programme at Spark TV, the first female television in Uganda.

Together with Annatalia Oze, Zahara disses celebrities especially musicians every evening at 8:00pm.

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