Why i want to represent Kinkiizi West Constituency – Ampumuza Dixon Kagurusi

Mr. Ampumuza Dixon Kagurusi is aspiring to represent the People of Kinkiizi West constituency in Kanungu District in 11th Parliament come 2021. Below is the full statement on why he wants the seat;

Fellow Kanungu people,

I am Ampumuza Dixon Kagurusi, the advocate of moral and innovative leadership, born and raised from Kanyantorogo Sub County in Kanungu district.
I bring you warm greeting s from my family. I also bring you the good news that I am offering myself to represent Kinkiizi West Constituency in the 11th Parliament (2021-2026) on NRM ticket. Leadership is a calling that I have espoused since childhood. I have not only played leadership roles in school at all levels, but also in various formal and non-formal societal groupings of people. I come with a personality that is accommodative, consultative, innovative and developmental, backed by high levels of exposure. Kanungu as a district and Kinkiizi West in particular deserves better in terms of leadership that is relevant to the 21st Century, the holistic kind of leadership that will add value to our Agriculture, better markets, promote Tourism, support Education, improve Health care, modernize infrastructure, skill the youth and create better jobs.
My leadership shall be a people centered one, the leadership that focuses on the social-economic wellbeing of our people. Kinkiizi West is well endowed with rich soils, good weather except a few parts, natural resources, flora and fauna, etc. All these require a leader that is aptly intelligent, well connected and exposed in order to fully exploit them for the benefit of our people and ensure that vast wealth is created and is well distributed in the entire community (wealth distribution).
My immediate take ons shall be to;
 Mobilize farmers into cooperatives and lobby for them premium prices
 Ensuring that our Tourism roads are upgraded from murrum to bituminous state.
 Initiate innovation incubation centers for training our youth to participate in the Digital Economy
 Lobby International Organizations to establish offices in Kanungu .
 Provide ethical and innovative leadership for communities around our Game parks to effectively utilize the UWA revenue sharing funds.
 Establish an Education fund for the needy and academic talented students.
 Conduct medical camps and attract investment in similar area.
 Agitate for the revamping of the mining sector in our district and ensure that revenue in terms of royalties is generated for the development of our district.
I am promising to play an oversight role to ensure that public resources are put to proper use. The corruption tendencies that are eating up our society need to be fought and defeated using proactive approaches such that our district and our nation can develop faster and thrive.
I am convinced that I have the requisite credentials to ably present Kinkizi West constituency views in parliament and give timely feedback to our people. I believe that through lobbying and collaboration with the State, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies and Non-governmental organizations I can bring better and timely services that are relevant to the needs of our people.
With my leadership etched on your support, I am optimistic that we shall transform Kinkizi West Constituency into a modern and prosperous model constituency.

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