Why Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire has an upper hand in Sheema District Woman MP seat contest in 2021

Why Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire has an upper hand in Sheema District Woman MP seat contest in 2021

Sheema District Woman MP Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru is the incumbent in the forth coming Parliamentary Elections in 2021.

Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire has been instrumental in a number of developmental projects, reason she is likely to bounce back without hardship.

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Also Hon. Jacklet is among the most hard working MPs in the 9th Parliament and her Parliamentary achievements haven’t gone unnoticed.

Among the projects and achievements are Runyinga SACCO Ltd in Kabwohe. The SACCO has been instrumental in helping the area people in their different income generating activities. This alone has empowered financially very people in the district.

Another of her achievements is for Ankore Western University (AWU), one of our prominent institutions in Sheema District.

Hon. Jacklet in her manifesto promised to equip its computer lab with 40 computers which she fulfilled and majority students from different regions both in and out side Sheema have benefited from that thus enhancing their computer skills and technology ogical literacy.
She further more contributed UGX 11m cash to AWU’s science block project that is under construction.

She has also managed to successfully roof the CAD project also at the very hill of AWU. and above 12m was spent.

Many primary schools like Nyakabungo PS, Nyakashoga, Mishenyi, Kihara, Kasana, Karera Seed School, Rwebiita Preparatory, Buraro primary school and many others have received their computers from the MP.

She has also managed to donate solar panels to different institutions among others is Kihunda Church of Uganda (CoU) where she also donated 100 bags of cement to help in the renovation of the Primary School.

In the self help projects, the MP has helped to empower youth and elderly in projects like shoe making, re-usable pads, candle making, liquid soap, bar soap, soya been, cake baking, among others.
These projects have helped majority people who implemented the skills to boost household income and personal capital.

Under the Rwabukurukuru Foundation, many parents who can’t meet fees for their children have been helped thus an elite society is up brought.

Honourable Jacklet has not stopped on the above but she has helped many institutions financially on functions where she is invited as a chief guest.

She has helped in uplifting youth talents through empowering sports like organizing tournaments with the recent being ‘Hon Jacklet inter constituency Football tournament’

She has managed to resourcefully utilize her term of office as the chairperson roads committee sheema district work on different roads together with the district authorities.

She is one of the jolly leaders who has tried to create a high leader_electorate relationship.

She is credited for different things that we couldn’t mention all here and for the above, she will be very hard to defeat.

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