Why ex scribe wants top Kamwokya seat

Why ex scribe wants top Kamwokya seat

Former scribe turned businessman, Keefa Nuwahereza, has dived into the murky waters of politics.

Below are the reasons why Keefa Nuwahereza, 34, ventured into politics.

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The former Red Pepper journalist has expressed interest in Kamwokya LCIII seat come 2021.

The position is currently occupied by James Kakooza.

Nuwahereza, who is involved in real estate and alcohol selling business, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Logistics from Uganda Christian University (UCU), Mukono.

Although he studied the above course, he has been practicing journalism and marketing at Pepper Publications. He quit a few years ago to concentrate on his private businesses.

A resident of Kamwokya and People Power diehard, Nuwahereza says he wants to have a positive impact in the society in which he lives.

Asked how politics will help him serve humanity better, he told this website that the LCIII seat will not only help him advocate for better service delivery in the area, but he will also use it as a springboard to lobby for his people from the numerous connections he has got overtime due to his business, journalism and marketing background.

“Many people don’t know the real Kamwokya. The real Kamwokya is a ghetto that is poverty stricken; the youth in this area have been left behind in terms of development and empowerment by the ruling NRM regime,” Nuwahereza says, adding that his leadership skills is what Kamwokya people need at this critical time.

Commonly known as The People Power son of Kamwokya under his group ‘Abana Beka’, Nuwahereza says Kamwokya needs a leader that is development oriented so as to uplift the poor youth and women out of the poor conditions they are currently in.

“My manifesto will focus on changing the status quo of Kamwokya residents. I have plans to mobilize and organize youth so that they secure youth funds. I will also focus on sports and games because we have so many talented young people but they never get help,” he says, adding: “HIV is still a big challenge in this area. With my connections and experience, once I am elected, my people will have regular counseling about HIV and other diseases.”

He adds that his manifesto will mainly focus on venerable groups of youth, children and women. Watch the space!!!

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