Why Dicksons Kateshumbwa (Katesh) is suitable for Sheema Municipality MP seat

Dicksons Kateshumbwa who recently resigned  his Customs Commissioner job at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has announced his intentions to represent Sheema Municipality in 11th Parliament come 2021-26. He announced last week that he will be standing on NRM ticket for the seat.

Katesh as he is popularly known has qualities and capacity to fully represent the area ahead of his rivals. Below are some of the reasons we think he is the right candidate for the job.

He has Vast leadership qualities both nationally, continentally and globally.
Katesh has exposure in the entire country and world. There is no need to go for benchmarking to know what he needs to do for Sheema Municipality.
Dicksons is an experienced person in administrative works having led over 1000 people in a pressure environment, Policy experience (nationally and beyond)….He doesn’t need orientation in Parliament.
Dicksons Kateshumbwa is set to stand for Sheema Municipality MP seat come 2021
Networks: Katesh has vast network both at home and abroad…..these come in handy.
Relationships and Values: He has respect for all, listening to varying opinions and building consensus.
Hard work: He is self-made…from making pancakes to Brussels (Chairman World Customs Organisation); Humble beginnings and building on to success.
Humility: His quality of having a modest or low view of ones importance. Live and let live.
That is your candidate…completely new model and easy to sell. Let’s inform our people. Follow the hash tag #Katesh4SheemaMunicipalityMP2021 on Social Media for his campaign trail.

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