Why Adris Digital Africa is the best Digital Marketing Firm In Uganda

Why Adris Digital Africa is the best Digital Marketing Firm In Uganda

Adris Digital Africa launches SME Digital and PR program

The adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic on small business (Start Ups and SME’s) have led to the drowning, and sudden closure of many. With the lockdown, and the consequent immobility of the population, many small businesses that survived on human traffic died a natural death. Yet at the very height of it all, the Start Ups and SME’s couldn’t afford Digital Marketing Firms to leverage online audiences.
According to Solomon Muleyi, the CEO of Adris Digital Africa, Startups and SME’s can’t afford the hefty budgets of the many Advertising agencies.

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Solomon Muleyi

“As a Digital Marketing Agency that cares about the community we are operating in, we wouldn’t want to see the businesses that employ the youth in it die. It will heighten unemployment, and furthermore, perpetrate grim vices in society. That is why we started our SME and Start Up program. We have packaged Digital Marketing and Public Relations to be available to Small Medium Enterprises that can’t afford to play in the same space with companies with huge cash inflows and with massive advertisement budgets,” Muleyi, relayed.

Muleyi, a renowned authority in the Digital Marketing space who before founding Adris Digital Africa, worked on renowned international brands such as Airtel, Smirnoff, Finance Trust Bank, URSB, among others during his tenure at Blu Flamingo, explained the need for small businesses to go online.
“It is hard for many small businesses to break even, or even establish a profit margin. Yes, their business models are solid, but with factors like cut throat competition, hefty rent, bills and salaries, it becomes hard for them to realize profit, let alone growth. But this is because many of them haven’t harnessed the power of digital marketing. That is why we have packaged solutions at very ‘cheap’, yes, I said ‘very cheap’ prices to them to help develop an online presence they can use to make money. We are giving them professional websites, creating graphics for them, offering branding strategy , media relations solutions, managing Social Media and creating affordable content for them, among other forms of e-commerce platforms to help them minimize expenses and realize bigger profits,” explained Muleyi.

What you need to know about Adris Digital Africa
Adris Digital is a full service Digital Marketing and Public Relations agency with headquarters in Uganda. We are a solid, agile, flexible, creative and disruptive agency that prides in offering cutting edge Digital Marketing and Public Relations solutions for Start Ups and/or Small Medium Enterprises. Over the 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing across different projects in Africa, we have experienced first hand the devastating effect of the lack of funds to execute comprehensive marketing campaigns. Our research has however proven over time that with strategy, and comprehensive planning, it is possible for Start Ups to realize the same market potential, and compete in the same marketing space with Multi-National Agencies. We have also overtime seen the need to dabble in aspects such as Experiential and Traditional Marketing through Events and Team Building.

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