Who is Ndyomugyenyi Roland Bish, the new MP for Rukiga County Constituency (2021-2026) in Rukiga District?

Who is Ndyomugyenyi Roland Bish, the new MP for Rukiga County Constituency (2021-2026) in Rukiga District?

Ndyomugyenyi Roland Bish commonly known as Uncle Bish was on 14th day of January 2021 elected the new Member of Parliament (MP) for Rukiga Constituency in Rukiga District. He won with an overwhelming support as an independent candidate, but how much do you know about the new hard working legislator?

Roland was born to Alice and Eli Nathan Kahene on 5th August 1977. He is a teacher, Certified Chartered Accountant, International Auditor, Risk Management Expert, Businessman, Development Practitioner, Mentor, community servant and mobilizer, family man and a God fearing as well as a politician.

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Roland who is from the Beinika sub clan, Abeitira clan is married to Doreen Uwimana Sanyu, a daughter of Basigi clan.

Hon. Ndyomugyenyi Roland Bish, MP Rukiga County Constituency in Rukiga District 

Born and raised from Ryabirengye, Nyakasiru, Bukinda Rukiga, Roland started his primary education from Nyabirerema Primary School, went to Bukinda SS and Rwamanyonyi SSS for O level and later joined St. Paul’s SS Bukinda where he completed his A’level. He did a Diploma in Education at National Teachers’ College Kabale from 1998 to 2000.

He then joined Makerere University Kampala where he got a first class Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies topping the 2004 DS class.

After graduating, Roland was taken up by Ernst & Young-a renown auditing firm in Uganda and the world and was able to complete his ACCA in a record of two years and was among the best students in the 2009 June sitting in the whole country.

Along the way, Roland has done Masters in Business Administration at Herriot Watt University and had certifications in various fields including certified Risk Based Auditor, Institute of Internal Auditors, and Advanced Auditing from London corporates training among very many others.

Roland has also worked with Barclays Bank, Uganda Road Fund and Nile Basin Initiative, a World Bank funded project where he was the Regional Head of Internal Audit.

Roland has served as:

Chairman School Council at Rwamanyonyi SS

Chairman Rukiga Students Association at Makerere University

Patron Kabale Makerere University students association

Treasurer General Homeboyz Association

Chairman Wandugu Foundation

Chairman Ryabirengye Kampala Residents Association

Promoter, St Paul SS Bukinda

Member Development Committee, Nyabirerema Archdeaconry

Chairman, Health and Sanitation, Ryabirengye COU

Roland passionate about community service and development and was at the forefront of introducing tea development in Kigezi region, a project that employed so many people in Rukiga.

He has also been at the helm of improving academic performance in schools in Rukiga by providing scholastic materials to candidates on top of motivation talks to them, specifically the good performance of students at St Paul SS Bukinda over the years.

What he intends to do as a Member of Parliament?

The MP elect has listed areas of main focus while in parliament and these will be;

Reduction of Poverty

As an independent, he and other colleagues shall fight poverty through creating a platform of the poor so as the eradicate poverty.

“This shall be done through our organizations for the poor and vulnerable who will interact with the people on their needs like food shelter medical care and many others,” he added.


Agriculture is the engine of Rukiga’s economic growth and the largest employer and Roland’s highest priority is to increase farmer’s income and rural development. The main cash crops grown in Rukiga are coffee and tea and the traditionally grown food crops are potatoes, beans, onions and sorghum. The production of the above crops is affected by over reliance on traditional farming methods, use of low fielding varieties, post-harvest losses, small farm sizes, limited access to finance and lastly presence of low market levels.


Rukiga needs a hospitable care system that is universally accessible, affordable effective and drastically reduces the out of pocket spending on health.


Most of the elderly are retired civil servants especially from the government institutions have been denied their pension and sometimes delayed it. The government has failed to follow up on their servants however on their behalf, the MP elect said he will make sure that they are given their pension in time and taken care of by the responsible bodies.


Bish believes that education is the most important and powerful tool for the advancement of the nation and the most potent weapon to fight poverty. Education in Rukiga needs to be revitalized and reorganized to make future generations proud of their culture, heritage, history and also creating confidence in the vitally of Rukiga.

“Every effort shall be made to ensure equality of opportunity access and success to all learners; creating a harmonious and cohesive egalitarian society that practices democratic values. Education should not only lead to employability but also job creation and entrepreneurship by introducing a national multi skills orientation”.

Youth Empowerment and Music

The future of Uganda lies in the youngsters of our society, with their potential, Roland considers the youth as the most productive asset of the nation who can make it possible for our economy to achieve our intended double digit growth.

Women Empowerment

Mothers are soul builders of our nation; Roland and his team recognize the role of women in the development of the society and growth of the nation and remain committed to give a high priority to women’s empowerment and welfare. The MP said there is need for women’s security as a precondition to women empowerment.

Works and Transportation

Considering the poor roads network in Rukiga and its implication on the cost of doing business and the mobility of people and produce, Roland will work and fast track the process of tarmacking all roads proposed by government. In addition, he will lobby for Rukiga to share on the proposed community access and district roads that are to be implemented in the next 5 years.

Water & Sanitation

Water is essential for both home use and industrial production. Bish said he will collaborate with the relevant authorities to extend water supply where needed so as to ensure the safety of children going to wells or boreholes. “I will lobby to make sure the Rukiga benefits from the support of rural water supply project being implemented by the government”.


Hon. Roland and his team recognize the importance of sports in Rukiga and for all age groups, sports have a direct relation to fitness, good health and productivity. Rukiga has not fared well in sports and needs investment in promotion of all sports in an organized manner.


The MP will ensure every house has access to electricity by 2026 by encouraging and developing projects to enable create an enabling environment best on international practices to both attract private and speed up the delivery of energy projects for the benefit of Rukiga people.

“I believe with all my experience in my past leaderships, I can lead Rukiga with the right agenda. I am not promising the impossible, I have done my research thus my promises are viable. I should say that the chance has come for you to bring a change and the power is in your hands. So “lets fix it”, he concluded.

“It is indeed a privilege to share my thoughts with you the citizens of Rukiga district on our grand vision and mission to move our district’s socio economic agenda forward through delivering a strong, prosperous economic and a secure modern society thus the theme “lets fix it”, Tukitereze.

Roland has promised to be an effective and transformational leader ensuring efficiency at every level of government so that every citizen as a Ugandan especially in Rukiga has a voice and can directly benefit from any development agenda. The waste of resources of the state through corruption shall be fought with vigour and determination.

“There should be no limit to what we and our generation can achieve. It’s our time to fix, redirect the socio economic agenda for ourselves and successive generations to come. Be the change you want and let us fix and work together towards the noble ideas that can move our Rukiga forward from now and tomorrow,” Roland said.

Rukiga County

Rukiga County is located in Rukiga District which is composed of the 4 sub-counties of Bukinda, Kamwezi, Kashambya, Rwamucuucu and completes the list of administrative subdivisions in Rukiga. Rukiga is bordered by Ntungamo District to the east, the Republic of Rwanda to the southeast, Kabale District to the southwest, Rubanda District to the northwest and Rukungiri District to the north. The district is predominantly rural with Muhanga as the largest town, other small urban Centers include Mparo, Bukinda, Kamwezi, Kangondo, Sindi, Rushebeya, Kashumuuruzi, Kitunga and Kantare. The county has a population of about 100,726 people majority of whom are engaged in agriculture.

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