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Who is Black Market Records’ El Kamel, the Cuban King

Jonathan Fermin Michel Valde’s a born of Havana, Cuba started his music career at 7 years and later took a course to be a vocalist then he became a member of Cuban Agency of Rap.

In 2017, he got a chance to encounter with Cedric Singleton, the CEO of Black Market Records which led to his signing of a recording contract with the American based company.

In 2017, he released 2 albums ‘Real fire’ and ‘One Rey’, and in late 2017, he worked in studios of music records with DJ Rowa, Galaxy music with DJ Mercenario and DJ Unic at Cellar music.
El Kamel also worked with Cuba’s biggest artists like Yamil and Dany, El Yonki, Chocolate, El Chulo, El Taiger, Kola Loka and Kandy man etc. In 2018, the unprecedented work ethic and talent of El Kamel led to the release of 8 albums including ‘El Rey de El barrio’, which is highlighted by the tracks ‘Mojonero’,  I Erez Tiza’, and ‘Cosa Gorda’.
He also released ‘Asalto’ which featured more breakout hits like  ‘Hazte de un pocho’ and  ‘Haz tu vida’,. His 9th CD is expected before the end of this year, and he has been trailblazing for El Kamel in which he has delivered 8 of the Cuba’s top 20 tracks.
He is currently on tour in Europe promoting his work and will be heading to the USA soon.
Follow his media platforms @elkamelking

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