When You Become Me: A Movie That Sheds Light On Encouraging Disability Inclusion

When You Become Me: A Movie That Sheds Light On Encouraging Disability Inclusion

If some Ugandans are still uncertain about the power of film impacting our society then When you become me movie is their answer. The movie presents a platform to showcase that the idea of disability is accepted more widely as it is more frequently portrayed on television and in movies.

Accepting and comprehending something you have never seen or heard before is challenging. Additionally, just like everyone else, persons with disabilities want to see themselves represented in media, art, and society at large.

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At the center of the movie is the strong attachment persons with disabilities have with life. While the movie sheds light on encouraging disability inclusion, eradicating stigma, and capturing the lived realities of individuals with disabilities it also addresses issues that young people experience.

When you become me is an original Ugandan future film written by Aganza Kisaka and Ambrose Ngobi, and directed by Nabwiso films and Sautiplus Media Hub. 

It will largely change the narrative and advocate for disability inclusion on a national and international scale. It will also reflect the depth of our diversity as a people and continue to improve our beliefs and values. It is already lovely to witness young people with and without disabilities engaging in pitching to one another for the first time during the audition.

A lot of people will be able to relate to this future film since it has individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

The movie is a co-production of Light For The World and Reach A Hand Uganda. 

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