What you need to know about Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu’s second book, released earlier this year

City tycoon Hamis Kiggundu popularly known as Ham has turned out a prolific author, dropping a new book where he speaks a lot about his personal motivations, work philosophy,and offering solutions on what poor countries such as Uganda, shall need to emerge from poverty.
The book, like he acknowledges, is a personal reflection on a number of issues about himself, his country Uganda, Africa and the World. He hasn’t been short of sharing knowledge in recent years.
Ham makes a bold declaration that if citizens and the Government took his prescription to Uganda’s problems, we shall join the most prosperous countries on earth.
As COVID-19 pandemic was scaring the hell out of ordinary souls, the Ham Group Chief executive was busy putting together his thoughts in a new book, “Reason As The World Masterpiece”. Ham, explained the sub title as “Africa and Uganda’s Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality”.
In this book, the youthful businessman continues his thesis started in his first book “Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality” that seeks to explain why Africans and UGANDANS in particular, are still poor, despite so much resources at their disposal. He says there’s need to critically think about challenges around us, and come up with solutions based on available realities.
Ham says in his book that most of the world’s challenges could be solved with reason applied to prevailing realities. For example,Ham wonders, how Uganda, a country so blessed with agricultural resources, would not utilise that wealth and build an agro-based economy across-the-board.
In the 152 page treatise, Kiggundu who states his allegiance to Uganda, Africa and Humanity, says in eight years Uganda can rise from poverty to prosperity if it took to Agriculture and seriously exploited all it can offer.
Ham asks for togetherness of Ugandans and Africans in order to solve their problems, especially of poverty. He blames poor reasoning for most ills around Uganda and Africa as a whole. And said, we shall continue being exploited as long as we don’t apply Reason to our decision making processes.
“United we stand strong and divided we fall,” he wrote in his dedication. Ham also hints on starting his own bank. He states that he wants an agro bank to boost the sector.
He also bashes the commercial banking sector for failing Ugandans as well as exploiting the country. He concluded that the so called banks aren’t serious banks because they cannot find serious industrialists.
Among topics; Ham discusses Africa, colonialism, education, limitations, post colonial, Africa, etc…he calls for mindset change and agro processing and value addition.
Ham does well to put his thoughts on paper. I am sure many people will understand his drive and frustrations after reading this book. He keeps writes disclaimers at every end of chapter that the book was a personal opinion, which means he doesn’t want his ideas to be scrutinized.

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