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What you need to know about Sheilah Carol Gashumba

By Frank M.Gashumba 
Kampala: Her work as an award-winning media personality has seen her travel across the globe; from Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul, Washington, Paris, Beijing, Accra, Nairobi, all the way down to Johannesburg.
And come this weekend, she will be making another appearance in Kigali; a place her great grandparents migrated from many years ago.
Over 100 years ago, her ancestors walked a long path from Rwanda, into Uganda, economic migrates , and eventually settling here.
Today, their grandchildren don’t walk; they fly back into the country they left ma years ago. When she flies, she doesn’t fly Economy but Business. And she is flying to Kigali not for a holiday but busmigratemany u young girls and boys, use your socials to impact lives.
There’s nothing impossible on this planet, as long as you put your mind and soul to it! And those generational curses you keep ranting about; you are the one destined to break them!
To you young girls and boys, use your socials to impact lives.
It’s Possible!

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