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What is your New Year resolution?

We talked to some of our personalities about their New Year resolutions and here they are;

New Year 2017 is here and like the norm is, we talked to a host of personalities in different fields about what they are planning to do in 2017. Here is what they said;  

Frank K Tumwebaze, Minister for ICT and National Guidance

This year, i want to continuously without relenting educating Ugandans on the need to love, work for and be proud of their country.

Joseph Masembe, CEO Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green/ Environmental activist

My New Year resolution is to keep bringing hope n smiles to children and to increase the environmental consciousness among families and     Museveni’s chaps. In the same spirit i intend to make NBS TV the undisputed number 1 partner for businesses and organisations operating in Uganda. Children and Environment will be top most on my agenda. All imitators should step aside.

Tumusiime Flavia, Radio/Television personality

Hey hey. Eh I don’t put resolutions, but I want to be happy each day.

Frank Gashumba, businessman/activist

Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, social and economic activist and digital influencer. I want to be the most consistent social and activist of the year.

Olivia Ziwa, Television personality

A friend once taught me it’s important to balance your wheel of Life and many times we focus on a single area of our life or a few and neglect other important pieces and so Our wheel is incomplete and it’s hard to move to our destiny.

So My New Year’s Resolution is to simply DO and BE the Best I can in every area of my life.

My Work, family, relationships, Health, Business putting God First above all Else.

This year I want to touch and impact more people through my Tv Shows and through my Woman of Worth Foundation and Childworth Foundation.

The greatest joy I have found after Salvation is making a difference in someone else’s life and the Joy, Peace and Blessings that come with giving.

Happy New Year

Olivia Ziwa

(Host of Can Men Cook Show & Mission 3:16 on NBS TV).

Angella Katatumba, singer/humanitarian  

Get fit, eat well, make music, ran Katatumba Development Foundation (KDF)NGO and work on renovating Hotel Diplomate

Sean Charles Ndawula, socialite

Be more accommodating… Travel more… And above all make better use of the many satellites in the skies to my advantage… It’s an area many of us have ignored…!!!

Carol Flower, TV personality

I want to get more close to God, Opening up my salon…. and having more time for my children and myself

Sasha Ferguson, Fashionista

My New Year resolution is to get back on TV. I have heard enough break.

Hellen Lukoma, singer/fashionista

I am going to focus more on God

Esther Komweru aka Esther Whitney, actress  

To create successful business and also build a house

Pretty Glo, singer  

To work hard and become top artist in Uganda

Leila Kayondo, singer  

I want to release more music and better my fashion house

Peace Menya, Radio personality  

To work smart and challenge myself like never before

Paris Maggie Kiyingi, actress/model

Mine is to work harder and put my company House of Kiyingi to yet another higher level. Second is to get more closer to God and to know him more. Then third is to date and settle with the guy of my dreams before end of 2017.

Debie Kagisha, Model

Mine is quitting social life style and modeling and concentrating on being a business woman. As am talking to you right now, I have already put down my Facebook account.

Aly Alibhai, Events promoter

In 2017, i want to create more family time, fitness and fun.

Farshee Ali, actress

I want to do more movies plus getting into producing

McKenzie Bryan, Radio personality

I never have resolutions but names of Projects I want to do in the year. Personally I don’t believe in having resolutions though I think its good for people to have targets.

 Liane, artist

I just wish to make it big in 2017. i am praying on a break through

Zziwa, Hair stylist  

In 2017, I want to drink less and own the best hair brand in Africa.

Argatha Loswash, Television personality

Me I don’t make resolutions, I take each day as it comes

Juliana Mercedez, Radio personality

Juliana has no resolutions; I take each day as it comes. I used to set them but they would yield nothing, I gave up.

Pretty Katende, Actress

Pretty Katende

I have a lot in store this year.

Katrina Nilzero, model/socialite

This year I want to travel a lot and then open my Katrina’s collection boutique

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