What inspired me to start online Television- Alexandria

What inspired me to start online Television- Alexandria

A few years ago, Alexandria Nakato Owuma started Black Beauty Television (BBT), an online TV in Boston. She told us her story of why she stated it as below;

When Alexandria left Uganda for the United States (US) years back and started earning some income, she developed a dream of going back home to invest with her family.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

However, Alexandria didn’t know how to start and whom to ask or trust with her dreams and vision.

When she asked people in the US about buying land and investing in real estate in Uganda and things of the sort, she realized that almost everyone she talked to was just as confused as she was and clueless as well.

Most of them had so many cautionary tales about trusting people back home because of the previous bad experience from people who tried it before and corruption rates being so high.

This left her so discouraged because she was so curious about a lot of things not just investment ideas.

She wanted to know everything but she didn’t get enough information she wanted.

The pastor at her church had some recording equipment there because he had always had love for video editing and the likes so one day, she sat him down and came up with a crazy idea of having someone in the community share their knowledge on an online show just to share information back and forth and have people converse between each other in real time.

That is how she came up with The Campfire Talkshow with Alex.

The show did so good and the rest as they say is history.
After gaining some experience, Alexandria’s idea of starting her own came into her mind and that’s how Black Beauty Television was born. It’s a happy experience for her to share with different individual’s inspiring stories.

Black Beauty Television is looking to connect Ugandan businesses both at home and abroad and hoping to share resources to those who need it.

Alexandria has been lucky to interview big names such as Hon. Bobi Wine, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, A Pass, Winnie Nwagi, Bugingo Hannington, Cindy Sanyu, Irene Ntale, 2Face Idibia, Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande and so many others.

Black Beauty Television airs daily on Facebook with curated African shows and programs for everyone meant to entertain and educate and a dose of Healthy TV.

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