West Ankole Diocese Education Stakeholders get Management Skills

More than 200 West Ankole Diocese Primary Schools stakeholders/managers including Head teachers, School Management Committee members, PTA, Board of Governors, etc are attending a one day sensitization workshop at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Bweranyangi, the West Ankole diocesan headquarters as one way of encouraging them to take up their roles with greater commitment, all aiming at revamping the strength of Church founded schools.

The workshop comes after a realisation by West Ankole Diocesan authorities that schools are underperforming and breaking down due to lack of ownership, and if sensitized, School managers can own their schools and cause them to excel.

The participants are being re-tooled with management skills that will very soon, see West Ankole Diocese schools skyrocket to greatness and swim in glory.

The lead facilitator of the day, Mr. Usher Besigye, the deputy head teacher, Mbarara Municipal School says managers of these schools ought to play their roles in relation to academic performance. He encourages school managers to:

Set achievable guiding principles.

Stick to core values like God fearing and team spirit.

Set targets that can be owned by all parties including staff and pupils.

Hold regular and productive meetings to identify possible loopholes and provide solutions

Design supervision tools as standard measure in management.

Involve parents in decision making, bearing in mind that they are chief financiers of schools.

By the time workshop ends, participating School managers will be able to take up their roles and take deliberate steps towards the smooth running of the schools, and West Ankole diocese will continue to shine as far as education is concerned.

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