We shall use machines to push our economic agenda – Charles Lambert

The Black Wall Street Economic war boss Charles N Lambert has revealed that they are planning to invest more in machines to help spearhead the economic independence.

While doing a live video on his Facebook page, Lambert said Africa doesn’t have an economic Independence.

“We lose $ 203bn annually to the developed world and we have to fight them and share this Money within our continent,” Lambert said.

”As we mark 99 years of Tulsa Black Wall Street massacre, we have to remember that these people rose from nothing to become millionaires before they jelerously fought by whites,” he added.

He added that the Black Wall Street’s mission is to make sure money doesn’t go away from Africa.

He said if Africans can invest more in Machines, it will be easy for them to compete with the developed world who have invaded Africa and took away her riches.

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