We Can Take Care Of Jeff – Radio

 The enmity between Mozwey Radio and his former manager, Jeff Kiwanuka, is not about to cease. The singer renewed the biff on Friday night in Club Silk when he stormed the DJ box and started bashing Jeff. Radio said him and Weasel can feed their former manager Jeff KiwanukaRadio said him and Weasel can feed their former manager Jeff Kiwanuka

He said, “When a child grows his parents should let him or her go and become their own”. He was assuring Jeff who was in the house. He added,” Weasel and Me have matured and could look after Jeff and advised Jeff to stop disturbing and biffing them. Infuriated by Radio’s comments, Jeff shifted from Silk Ocean to Oxygen to avoid getting physical with Radio.Jeff KiwanukaJeff Kiwanuka

However, Jeff’s friend and city socialite, Mohammed Kaliisa, advised him to keep biffing the singing duo. Kaliisa who was also in the same nightclub told Jeff that the boys are young and should respect him because he did a lot for them.

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