‘We are launching 2020 in Fashion’ – KIU

On 14th February 2020, Kampala International University (KIU) held a press conference at The Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library.

In attendance was Dr. Mouhammad  Mpezamihingo,theUniversity’s Vice Chancelor, Prof.Chukwemeka Jude Diji, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of  Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension (DVC-RICE),Prof. O.T Arulogun,Deputy Vice Chancelor of Academic Affairs (DVC-AA).

“Out of so many universities and institutions of learning, we are proud to have been pointed out as the best university that has promoted education as a service out of Uganda as we are the second best private university in the East African region. We were also ranked as the 4th best university in the country and the best private university by Webometrics Ranking. This all happened in a space of six months so we are launching 2020 in style,” said Dr Mouhammad.

He also pointed out that the higher education sub-sector in the country has a number of challenges with inadequate human resource as the main hindrance to progress. This is because the number of masters and PhD holders is small compared to the number of academic disciplines and institutions in the country.

”We are proud that in 2019,KIU worked very hard with the National Council for Higher Education and the appropriate regulatory bodies to launch a number of  PHDs in the Science field as well as the Humanities and Social Science sphere. With this, we feel we are contributing significantly in resolving the shortage of human resource in institutions,” added DrMouhammad.

He urged other institutions to come on board and send their staff to KIU for training in the various disciplines as it will be affordable and easily accessible compared to travelling to other countries.

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