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War erupts in Bar, Club & Entertainment owners association as Rugiirwa is briefly ‘overthrown’

A war has erupted in the Bar, Club and Entertainment owners Association with a break away faction electing a new committee without chairman Rugiirwa Katatumba’s knowledge.

After learning the events, Rugiirwa released a statement and fired and removed all members who tried to stage a coup.

“On the 11th February some of our Members tried to stage a coup in my absence as The Chairman of Bar, Club and Entertainment Owners Association,” Rugiirwa said.

Below is the full statement The Chairman Rugiirwa Katatumba;

Hello Members.

First and foremost, I am extremely disapointed in this so-called botched coup by some of our members mostly Executive and Tess our Vice Chairman.

Mr. Vice Chairman, you and others set a very poor precedent that any 10 or so members with an Executive member can have a meeting and elect themselves as Chairman and so called Executive. This is a total nonsense and is very disrespectful to this Association.

I even saw Madame Sylvie Mbuga (owner of Day Breakers. Entebbe Road, a Full Magistrate swearing in members.

Does she know who This Bar, Club and Entertainment Owners Association is Registered under??

It’s Registered under my names Rugiirwa Katatumba. Any lawyer can do a search and confirm. So how can you remove me as The Chairman.

This failed coup is like someone stealing a car with a Tracker on it . It may seem successful at take off but the vehicle can be immobilized with the press of a button.

Sometimes when you are blinded by greed and envy you end up crushing.

The other day I was even called “Daddy’s Boy” by the same Patrick Musinguzi (Owner of Ice Lounge Mbarara) who was crying for being removed from this whats app group.

I want our members to remember what I have done for this Association mostly because of passion and not because of selfish Ambitions of meeting The President like others are hoping.

If this is how you run your bars, where any of your employees who are unhappy with a few decisions you as the owner makes can simply sit down and agree to declare themselves Chairman, Executive etc. They would be fired with immediate effect.

So on this note, I have now FIRED and will remove all those members that were involved in this nonsensical coup.

I appreciate this whole saga because It has been a very good learning experience for all of us and I am now more than willing to streamline our Association for the better.

We shall still respect one another and grow together.


Rugiirwa Katatumba
Bar, Club and Entertainment Owners Association



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