Wandera Eria Silver wants Samia Bugwe North MP seat

Wandera Eria Silver wants Samia Bugwe North MP seat

As the 2026 elections draw near, many people are declaring their intentions to vie for different positions.

The latest on the list is Mr. Wandera Eria Silver who has declared his position to represent the people of Samia Bugwe North in Busia District in the 12th Parliament.

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Dubbed ‘ Team Bulungi Bwansi’, Mr. Wandera said he wants to save his people from the bondage they are in.

“My current MP is not working, I need to intervene and save our constituency,” Wandera Eria Silver said.

‘Hon’. Sliver is already on the ground and has so far been involved in several road projects in the area.

He is a lawyer and an accountant by profession. He has been involved in legal advice in his home area, road cleaning and developmental meetings with the voters. Watch the space!!!

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