Vote out opposition politicians who oppose government development programmes – M7

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM party Presidential flag bearer has urged the Ugandan electorate to vote out opposition politicians especially members of parliament who spend most of their time and energies criticizing the government and opposing government development programs.

He said such politicians even fail to follow up and supervise their constituency’s development demands that have left the areas they represent very undeveloped. The President who is in the West Nile Region to converse support for the National Resistance Movement in the coming elections was yesterday addressing a campaign rally at Aninia primary school in Terego West constituency in Arua district.

Responding to the call by the residents of Terego West to have electricity extended to their constituency, the President said that as a national leader he plans for the entire country and it was a duty of the different leaders to follow up on the implementation of the different development in the areas they represent.

M7 addressing rallies in Arua district

M7 addressing rallies in Arua district

“As a leader at the top I plan and avail the resources but it’s the duty of your leaders to follow up on the implementation and where it’s badly done or not done at all.

But you elect opposition Members of Parliament whose duty is just to criticize what government has done, oppose government programs without supervising or presenting their constituent’s demands to government. How can power be taken to Yumbe and Moyo and not in Terego which is in Arua.

Am going to act like an MP and bring the electricity,” he said. Museveni urged the people of Arua to vote for the National Resistance Movement noting that its leadership has a known track record that is development oriented, promotes national unity and treats all citizens equally no matter their religion, gender or tribe.

“Movement is always looking for the merits in individuals not their religious orientation, tribe or gender because politics is about things on earth while religions, gender and tribe are God’s works. If you build a road, school or extend power to an area it benefits everybody irrespective of his tribe, religion or gender and that’s the political orientation of the movement” he said.

On education, he urged all Ugandans to support the successful implementation of the UPE and USE programs for the good of the country’s future and do away with the levying of fees in UPE and USE schools. “You know that poor parents can’t afford school fees so let all of us parents, teachers and the government speak with one voice because my worry is that our children will miss education and once they miss education they will be a national problem in future” he said.

Museveni said that the recent decision by the National Resistance Movement to provide sanitary pads to school going children in government school is meant to better the education environment of the girl child and reducing their school dropout rates. “Am bothered about sanitary pads because I want my grand children to remain in school and attain education but also the traditional methods used especially in the villages have health risk and government had to intervene at least in schools” he said.

On unemployment, the President said that government will provide free technical education to graduates that have failed to get jobs and equip them with skills that will enable them to employ themselves. He also said that people needed to make good use of the NAADS programs and engage in profit oriented commercial agriculture and get rid of poverty in their homes.

Museveni described opposition politicians as learners in the art of managing society who think that you can do all things at the same time and stressed that if you attempted to do everything simultaneously you may deliver nothing, the reason NRM has been prioritizing in implementation of government programs.

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