Vinka rocks Mbarara City Tusker Lite Neon Party

Vinka rocks Mbarara City Tusker Lite Neon Party

On Friday April 29th, Tusker Lite took their non-stop Neon Party experience to Heat Events in Mbarara City.

It was a vibrant fun evening as revelers enjoyed a ceaseless flow of Tusker Lite mixed with music mixes and performances that kept the crowd on their feet.

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A few minutes past 11pm, headlining performer Vinka took to the stage and immediately changed the mood of the event.Vinka was deliberate about working her crowd.

The partygoers didn’t disappoint either, as they sang along to her hits like Love Portion, Chips Na Ketchup, Loving, Bebe, Amaaso, Thank God, Fimbo and many more.

“Today has been one of those days where we got to revel in Tusker Lite and all it’s glory; a vibrant lifestyle. Our consumers are always front and center in our mind and I’m happy that we got to experience this moment together with the amazing lively Mbra people,” said Elizabeth Mutamuliza, Tusker Lite Brand Manager.

Before Vinka, home talent including names like Rob Ross, Niwe Ben and Uzi Malcon entertained revelers. Event Mc- Lithan, and Disc spinners DJ Hozeah and DJ Talit, were also at their best, as they ensured fans kept on their feet and every now and again screaming with exhilaration.

The party went on until the wee hours of the morning, and each partier left with something; some left with amazing memories of the night, while others went home with some Tusker Lite goodies.

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