Verification of the National Voters’ Register at the Village Level and Identification of Persons with Disability (PWDs), 21st – 28th October 2019

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In preparation for the 2020-2021 General Elections, the Electoral Commission will conduct a nationwide exercise to verify particulars of voters on the National Voters’ Register at the village level and identify Persons with Disability (PWDs) in each village.

The verification and identification exercise will be conducted in all villages throughout Uganda from Monday 21st October to Monday 28th October 2019.

The purpose of the verification exercise is to enable members of the particular village scrutinise their respective Register and identify persons who are not eligible to be on the Voters’ Register for their village, for example, the dead and those who left the area. Voters will be able to confirm their particulars on the National Voters’ Register.

The purpose of identifying all Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the respective villages is for purposes of compiling a clean Village PWDs Registers. Particulars of verified PWDs will be compiled in the Village PWD Register book provided by the Electoral Commission.

The verification of voters and identification of Persons with Disability will be conducted by the Parish Supervisor (Verification Officer).

The Local Council I (LC.I) Chairpersons shall convene Village Council meetings in their respective villages during which the Parish Supervisor (Verification Officer) will conduct the above verification and identification.

The Electoral Commission appeals to all stakeholders in the electoral process to participate in this important exercise and in accordance with the issued guidelines.

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