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UTB concludes skills training of over 600 Tour Guides

Over 600 tour guides attain basic skills training in tour guiding

Kampala; Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has concluded a month long training of over 600 tour guides across the country as part of its mandate to promote quality assurance in tourist facilities through training, grading and classification. The training equipped participants with a general understanding of the tourism sector in Uganda and its contribution to the economy- motivations for travel, visitor expectations and general tour guiding skills.

Commenting on the same, UTB Classification and Registration Officer, Angella Nalugo said, “The bigger part of a tourists’ stay while in Uganda is spent with tour guides more than any other actor in the tourism value chain. They are the primary ‘ambassadors’ for the country and enhancing their skills will not only advance their role in the sector, but also improve service provision and tourist satisfaction while in Uganda. This will feed into positive word of mouth, destination promotion, increased stay and expenditure and eventual employment generation in the country.”

Herbert Byaruhanga, a Tour Operator and Vice President of the Uganda Tourism Association emphasized the importance of the guides training to tourism private sector; saying that this will go a long way in facilitating employment for tour guides within the sector and also ensure that tour operators work with the right teams for visitor travels.

He said, “This is a very good initiative from the government and we are very appreciative. Guides are a key part of a tourist’s sat in the country and can lead to failed business or more recommendations from the tourists they handle. Therefore. This training is a very welcome idea for us in tourism business.

Uganda Tourism Board hailed the newly trained tour guides stating that they now had attained the basic skills training in tour guiding.

Uganda Tourism Board is mandated to enforce and monitor quality standards in the tourism sector and through inspection, registration, licensing and classification of tourist facilities and services. Under its quality assurance mandate, Uganda Tourism Board aims to increase quality of service, delivery and visitor satisfaction.

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