US elections: Trump win is a crushing defeat of media propaganda – Frank Tumwebaze

US elections: Trump win is a crushing defeat of media propaganda – Frank Tumwebaze

The Minister of Information and ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze has said that the shocking victory of Donald Trump to the White House in the United States shows that the world can no longer be influenced by biased media.

Trump floored Hillary Clinton in a heated election Tuesday, contrary to earlier predictions by prestigious pollsters, data analysts and western media that gave the latter a possible landslide.

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Frank Tumwebaze (L)

Frank Tumwebaze (L)

Top media houses including New York Times and Washington Post publicly threw their weight behind Clinton in what appeared a concerted effort to defeat Trump.

But the polls showed Trump emerging stronger than earlier anticipated.

Tumwebaze said, “The election of Trump was a real defeat of propaganda and conspiracy among the elite that believe in sloganeering.”

Clinton’s allies had tried to portray Trump as immoral and too evil to occupy the White House.

Tumwebaze said, “Whether they knew his strength and they deliberately covered it up with their biases and spinning for their partisan interests, all fell flat.”

Trump has spent the better part of his life doing business.

Clinton’s crushing defeat at the hands of an outsider and inexperienced politician like Trump left many in shock.

“Therefore those who believe that they can influence public opinion through media partisan narratives and slogans should have a take way lesson from this trump thing,” said Tumwebaze.


Meanwhile Frank Tumwebaze last week told the people of Obongi that elections ended and that it was now time to work. “This is the time to work. Irresponsible and polarised politics can’t facilitate work, forget about elections and move on, join in each and work for the betterment of this area,” Frank Tumwebaze said.

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