UNRA Female staff in blood donation drive

UNRA Female staff in blood donation drive

Female members of staff for Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)  today joined blood donation campaign in preparation for Women’s Day which falls on 8th March every year.

UNRA Executive Director, Ms. Allen Kagina led Female UNRA staff in a blood donation drive today at their offices at Nakawa Industrial Park.

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Statement on UNRA Blood Donation drive; an effort to commemorate Women’s Day in Uganda

“We chose to donate blood as part of the celebrations to mark the International Women’s day in Uganda and also as part of the campaign we have on road safety. You may be aware that we have a road safety campaign called Fika Salaama where we want to ensure that all road users are using our roads well to save lives. This is one campaign,” Allen Kagina said.

“Blood donation is another way (campaign) we can use to save lives of people by giving part of our own blood to those who are involved in accidents, but also to women.  There are a number of women dying in child birth. I have just been told by friends here that there is a serious shortage of blood in Nakasero Blood Bank. Whereas I have donated 450ml, of these bags (blood bags), when a person gets an accident or a woman gives birth, the doctor may prescribe four of these and I have given just one. We have a serious need. I want to encourage other institutions to come and support this drive for donating blood,” She added.

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