Ultimate Fitness & Sports Fusion Sunday Funday launches this Sunday 15th May

Ultimate Fitness & Sports Fusion Sunday Funday launches this Sunday 15th May

Once upon a time ago, Sundays were stay home days. Not anymore. If the Sunday Fundays hosted by Ultimate Fitness and Sports Fusion Bugolobi are anything to go by, things have indeed made a 360 spin.

Word has it that Sports Fusion Bugolobi is set to launch what has been dubbed the ‘biggest Sunday Rave’ in town this Sunday the 15th Of May 2022.

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Speaking on a phone call, Jackie Karungi of Silk Events mentioned that the Sunday Funday combines health, fun and recreation in the same outfit.

She said that it is a full day engagement where revelers get to sweat it out with exercise drills in the morning, and enjoy a panoply of fun and recreational activities from the afternoon, through to the evening until late in the night.

“We have created an experience that works for both the family people and single people. It is an intersection for the fitness junkies and the beer people. We have created an atmosphere where fitness and fun combine to create unforgettable memories,” Jackie said.

Speaking on behalf of Fast Sports Fusion, Juliet Agwang said that the partnership will ensure an experience like none Ugandan party people have seen before.

“We have partnered with Ultimate Fitness, Silk Events and Adris Digital Africa to make sure that the experience is out of this world. First, the revelers will sweat it out in the morning. They get to play basketball or football, ride spin bikes, and participate in the Ultimate Fitness Circuit and Aerobics in the morning. After sweating it out, revelers refresh in the very clean bathrooms of either Ultimate Fitness gym or Fast Sports Fusion, and then start the next chapter of the day, which is ‘chillaxing and sipping on their favorite poisons’. While some will be sweating out toxins in the Sauna and Steam, other people will be catching a movie. Others will be sipping on their best drinks and partying. We will have the best DJ’s for the set up. Cocktails will be served aplenty. And the party will begin until late in the night. We are as excited as Kampala is because the venue, Fast Sports Fusion and Ultimate Fitness Spa are equipped to the brim with the right amenities to make the concept come alive,” explained Juliet Agwang.

She added that those with children will also have an opportunity to leave their kids in charge of professionals to tend to them at the Kids Play Area.

“We will also have a cinema experience on site. The children’s movie will start at 3:00pm while the adult’s movie session will start at 7:00pm. The whole afternoon and evening will be a fusion of different musical experiences, local and continental cuisines, among a number of food stuffs. We have something for the fitness junkie, something for the sophisticated whiskey guy, a great mojito for the great teetotalers, as well as massive vibe for the guy who likes a good ol’ fashioned beer,” Agwang added.

The event experience will be created by Silk Events and will be free.

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