ULITU condemns delayed payments of Teachers’ salaries for the month of April 2019

Uganda Liberal Teachers Union (ULITU) has condemned the delay in the payments of April 2019 salaries for Teachers. The salaries are supposed to be paid by 28th of the month by its towards June but nothing has been paid.

Below is the organisation’s full statement;

“As a union representing teachers, we have noted with great concern from amongst our membership that over 79 districts across the country have not been paid their April, 2019 salary. This is a gross violation of their rights and a great demotivator to teacher performance. We greatly condemn this practice which has been rampant for quite some time. 

We call upon the Chief Administrative Officers of the affected districts to pay with immediate effect; or else we shall becompelled to take a more stern action, on a united front, to defend our teachers as provided in the law. 

We call upon the Central Government for immediate corrective measures on those districts which have been misusing teachers’ salaries instead of prompt payment (government standing orders guarantee salary payment by 28thof the going month),”.

The statements was released by Jackson Erima, ULITU Secretary General and Kaganizo Mutesasir, the President General of ULITU.

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