UK launches One Year to COP26 campaign  

This week marks one year until the UK will host the UN climate change conference COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland, with our partners, Italy. This will provide an opportunity for the world to come together and commit to urgent climate action.   

Climate change is the most important challenge facing future generations, but across Africa increasing temperatures and extreme weather are already impacting peoples’ lives and livelihoods – despite African nations being responsible for just 2-3% of total global emissions. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the impact of these issues and as we recover, it is critical that we build back better, greener and with greater resilience to extreme weather events. A clean and inclusive recovery for African nations is at the heart of the UK’s climate agenda – one that delivers for people and planet. 

Uganda is vulnerable to and already feeling the effects climate change with frequent floods across the country caused by irregular but destructive rainfall, locust swarms, and unpredictable seasons all impacting on food security.

Recognising the need to support Uganda’s resilience to climate shocks, Adaptation and Resilience is one of five key campaign areas that the UK has chosen to focus on in the lead up to COP26, aiming to increase the availability and accessibility of donor finance, share international best practice, and improve early warning systems and capacity to act on climate risks identified.

Access to accurate climate information is one of the key challenges to adaptation planning and risk mitigation. The UK government is already supporting the generation and dissemination of accurate climate information to facilitate early warning and response through the WISER programme and will continue to work with the Government of Uganda and the private sector in building climate resilience in productive sectors including agriculture, forestry and infrastructure, supporting Uganda to achieve Paris agreement commitments.

On the 12 December 2020 the UK and the UN will host a virtual high-level Climate Action Summit to mark the five-year anniversary of the landmark Paris Agreement, which committed all countries to work to limit further rises in global temperatures. The summit will be an opportunity for world leaders to announce new and enhanced Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to climate action and net zero targets.

Alex Crook, UK’s East Africa climate change and energy lead said: ” Climate change does not respect borders. Uganda is already feeling the negative effects of irregular weather caused by climate change, such as the recent floods in Sironko district. Urgent and ambitious climate commitments from all parties, including Uganda, ahead of COP26 are essential to halt global warming and prevent further loss of life and livelihoods. The UK will continue to work with Uganda to build resilience to climate change in the lead up to COP26 and beyond.”

As COP26 President, the UK will bring expertise, influence and ambition to our partnerships with African nations to help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change, build resilience against climate disasters and drive clean growth.

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