Ug’s Afro-Beat youngster Biba talks about music, love and career

Ug’s Afro-Beat youngster Biba talks about music, love and career

A few years back, our music industry welcomed a young, hunky and fresh singer with stage name Biba UG. His first hit song Ecupa went viral and every Ugandan got to love. Today he is a star of afro-beat. We caught with him. He shared his music success and life ahead of him

Tell us briefly who you’re and little about your background?

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Biba Uganda LAST BORN WAKATONDA is an afro-beat artist. My real names are Mukisa Brian Patrick Kizza , born in Mityana Nakadingidi village and 23 years.

When did you join the music industry?

I joined music from the streets in 2018 

What was your first hit that ushered you into the industry?

Ecupa was my hit single

What inspired you to sing?         

My inspiration is drawn from way back in the village. I had passion for singing and I was singing from childhood

Today young people are joining the industry to make money, what is your motive?

My motive is to make my people happy , spread love money will come.

Are you from a musical background?

Not really.

There is too much competition right now, how ready are you to get yourself to the top?

My music is Unique. I am not up for any competition. I am here to do my thing and fans will just choose.

How ready are you to handle the fame that comes with music?

I was a big time star when I was still in school. So I am so used to all this. There is no excitement at all. I am used.

You’re young and handsome, how do you handle Kampala girls that are always avaliable?

I will remain down to earth n friendly. Kampala gals are the best in the world and I will kill them with music not my body because I am an artist not atherapist

Well, are you single or dating, and who is that lucky girl?

I am single and concentrating on my career for now.

Young boys like you are always on the look for older women to sponsor their life style and music, would you welcome a loaded one?

I would welcome a sponsor with open hands but in a professional manner.

Among our female musicians here, who would dream to bed?

Non. Not even one

What is your next five year plan?

Oh God! My plan is a secret for now but I know my fans at least are eager to know a bit. Iam looking at  international level. I want to be so big

Your message to your fans?

My fans all over the world I assure this is the time, I am the one to look up to everyone minute show me more love I have a lot for you check all my social media platforms for my music. I am ready to give love music.

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