Uganda’s Top Artistes Managers and Challenges of handling arrogant and ego-driven Artistes

A lot of artistes out there are looking for good managers but can’t afford to pay for the services and most of the time, they end up falling in the wrong hands. Most people claim to be managers but are only there to mismanage the artiste and care for their selfish needs.

Instead of focusing on the artiste career, they party with the artiste everyday and spend promotional money on drinks and many other unnecessary things. A manager is the person who handles all business aspects of the act’s career.

The manager is the person who consults with the act on decisions and deals with the other members of the team on behalf of the act.

The manager is in charge of the day to day running of the business for the act, including promotional strategy, accounting and making key career decisions for the act, so the act is free to concentrate solely on performing & making good delivery. Always see your artiste as the key to your success.

Emma Carlos is one of the best managers in the country

Emma Carlos is one of the best managers in the country

Managing an artiste’s career requires patience and understanding of that person’s behavior and attitude. The music business is one where egos thrive, with many trying to be “somebody” or trying to assert that they already are somebody. The biggest problem in managing an artiste is when the manager him/herself is arrogant and ego-driven.

Finally, be prepared for setbacks and brace yourself for recovery. People will disappoint you, especially those you depended on. Give yourself a good self-assessment by looking at the strengths you have and how you will use those to the best advantage of yourself and your artiste and remember under every circumstance, act and be professional.

Always see your artiste as the key to your success, believe so much in him/her for things to work out well, stay humble & honest.

My top five artistes managers in Uganda

1. Moses Matovu. The fact that he has kept his band united for several years simply means that he is a good manager. Afrigo band is rated as Uganda’s top band.

2. Emma Carlos Mulondo. Formerly managed Coco Finger, Wafagio, Spice¬ Diana and is now with Khalifa. He recently handled all top artistes at Namboole during the URA event.

3. Lawrence Labeja. He is good at getting gigs. Formerly With Bobi Wine, now with Radio and Weasel.

4. Sam Mukasa. He worked with Chameleon for about ten years and helped promote his music. He is now handling King Saha and has made him a big star in Uganda.

5. Sam Yiga . Desire Luzinda’s manager. After the nude pictures of Desire leaked to the media, many music critics had written her off But trust Yiga, he saw an opportunity in the making. He has successfully promoted and marketed her, making her become one of Uganda’s most popular artistes. Dixon Okello

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