Ugandan UK based activist Proscovia Awori attacked on social media

Ugandan UK based activist Proscovia Awori attacked on social media

UK based Ugandan LGBT activist Proscovia Awori has been attacked heavily on social media because of her lesbian status.  Posting on her wall, Awori said she is a proud Ugandan lesbian and asked those attacking her to get over it.

A number of her followers have attacked her on social media describing her as insane. Some of them said she deserves death because of her acts.

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She is also revealed that she is looking for a nice Ugandan babe to share love with. She called for freeing Uganda from anti-gay laws.

One of the comments warned that if she returns to Kampala, she will face the music upon because of her sexual orientation.

“To all those coming into my inbox with anti-gay hate. Please just make yourself public here. Your private message will not change my sexuality. I am a proud Ugandan lesbian, just get over it. Also this is my page so i can freely express myself here. I feel sorry for you try to avoid me if u can. I’m more happy without any anti-human/anti-lgbt haters in my life. Just know Uganda belongs to everybody including gay and lesbian people. By the way I am looking for a nice Uganda girl to share love
with. #NzeBankuza you know if you know.
#FreeUgandaFromAnti-GayLaws,” Proscovia Awori posted on her wall.

Here are screenshots of some of the comments below;

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