Ugandan Teenagers Shine Bright At Kiromo Teenz Day Out 2024

Ugandan Teenagers Shine Bright At Kiromo Teenz Day Out 2024

On Saturday, May 11th, 2024, the vibrant energy of Ugandan teenagers filled the air as they gathered for the highly anticipated Kiromo Teenz Day Out 2024. Hosted by MC Ollo and Pam Malaika, the event celebrated youth talent, creativity, and achievement, culminating in the crowning of Mr. and Miss High School, Mr. and Miss Teen, and Miss Teen International.

Teenagers from various schools across Uganda showcased their talents and competed for prestigious titles, with winners emerging through a combination of online voting and judges’ evaluations. Birungi Amber of Elite High School claimed the title of Miss High School, while Ssali Arafat from Kakungulu Memorial was crowned Mr. High School. Salma Abdi Ahmed from Kakungulu High School and Martin Serumaga from St Julian High School Gayaza were named Miss Teen and Mr. Teen, respectively, with Gabwe Trishilla from Seeta High School clinching the title of Miss Teen International.

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The event wasn’t just about crowning winners; it provided a platform for teenagers to showcase their talents and creativity. Attendees enjoyed electrifying performances by renowned artists such as Fik Fameika, Vinka, Zex Bilangilangi, and RickMan, while DJs like Etania, Liquid Dj, MAYSON dj, and Lynda Ddane kept the crowd energized with pulsating beats.

Kiromo Teenz Day Out 2024 was also a hub of activity with activations from media partners like NTV and NRG Radio, and opportunities for teenagers to engage with sponsors such as Sumz Snacks, Indomie Noodles, Jesa, and others, winning giveaways and enjoying various attractions.

The success of Kiromo Teenz Day Out 2024 highlighted the talent, creativity, and vibrancy of Ugandan teenagers, providing them with a platform to shine and be recognized for their accomplishments. As the event concluded, it left behind memories of a day filled with joy, excitement, and the celebration of teen talent.

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