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English Premiership Ugandan Fans Set For Fun And Charity Gala

Ugandan soccer lovers and fans of premiership top clubs are set for a fun filled charity gala next month at MUBS playgrounds, Nakawa to raise funds to help Rachael Kanyunyuzi. The fans are united under an umbrella Soccer4Charity.


What is Soccer4Charity?
Soccer4Charity is an initiative started by Ugandan football lovers under the umbrellas of their respective European football clubs they support. For a quite a while they have played and competed amongst themselves for fun and love of the game but round about September this year, after one of the usual friendly match encounters, an idea was born and that is “let’s go beyond just playing and reach out”.

With the idea of more than playing football in mind, a suggestion to play football for charity came up and hence the birth of the Soccer4Charity initiative. There are two major driving factors behind the initiative and these include; football for Fun and Charity. That is let’s play and have fun but as well stretch a hand to someone in need. It was then agreed that a Football for Fun and Charity Gala be organized with the aim of raising funds to support someone in need.

From that point, a few individuals came together thanks to Hakah Akiiki Ayesiza (a Liverpool fan and Ninaz Ayesiga (an Arsenal fan) who set up a WhatsApp messenger group where the discussions were done and now an inaugural Football for Fun and Charity Gala is coming our way on the 16th November 2014, at MUBS playground from 9:30 am – 4:00pm. The gala participation has been restricted to 4 teams since it’s the first of its kind but shall allow for more teams since it is planned to be held twice a year. The teams in the inaugural gala are UG Gunners (for Arsenal fans Uganda), UG KOP (for Liverpool fans Uganda), UG Red Devils (for Man United fans Uganda) and Team Ovacado Close to bring in a blend of competition having fans from all the three other teams.


The organising committee agreed to have each team pay an amount not less than 250,000/= for participation where a trophy for the winner, refreshments shall be bought and referees plus hiring of the venue and the public address system shall be paid off. The remainder of the money plus money from sponsors of the event shall go to charity and this time going to one Rachael Kanyunyunzi.

Beneficiary For The 1st Charity Proceeds
Rachael Kanyunyuzi Atwooki was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a group of rare diseases that involve the hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues — the fibers that provide the framework and support for your body. In some people, scleroderma affects only the skin. But in many people, scleroderma also harms structures beyond the skin — such as blood vessels, internal organs and the digestive tract.Rachael Kanyunyuzi who badly needs financial helpRachael Kanyunyuzi who badly needs financial help

She received treatment for about 6 months but eventually stopped due to financial constraints. Rachael has been living in pain every single day, without medication, without any professional medicare, she has been living in despair with no one but dark walls to turn to.

Today we come out, as a team, as a family, as friends to be grateful to God for our lives by kick starting a campaign dubbed “HELP RACHAEL LIVE ANOTHER DAY”. From the proceeds after the gala we will support Rachael to try and make her live for another day. We shall contribute towards her medical care in terms of purchase of drugs and other medical essentials. We shall handover the contribution to the care taker so she can be able to acquire the medicines prescribed.

Football Gala organisation
The format of play for the inaugural Football for Fun and Charity Gala shall be, have each team play every other team, with the winning team getting 3 points, 1 point a piece for a draw and at the end of the games the team with maximum points shall be champions. For a case where the top two teams have the same points then the goal difference rule shall apply else the head to head rule. Each team shall play 3 games each lasting a maximum of 45 minutes.
We envisage this to be successful and continue to run for many more years to come, encourage people to continue having fun and loving the game of football and more so importantly contributing to the needy. There happens to be quite a number of people, organizations and individuals that need the kind of help but we can only stretch a hand to only one this time round and we encourage every one of us to give hand and support the cause. We shall have a table at the event where anyone with a contribution shall register their contribution to the cause and an account of all the collections shall be given.

Other Funding
We have so far received sponsorship from, Sandunes Bar- MUBS, E-Media and Communications ltd, Ovacado Close Bar and Restaurant Bukoto and Fat Boys Bar, Kisementi. We appreciate the contributions and encourage many more to come on board and support the cause.

Contributions can be sent to Ninaz on 0772616900 and for inquiries on participation please visit our Facebook page: Soccer4Charity or our twitter handle; @soccer_4charity

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